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    .All new in-house high end PING Clothing line. Anything from rainproof jackets, pants, moisture wicking polos, and more!


    FJ Performance Apparel is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning, performance driven golfer. Crafted to perform in a myriad of on-course conditions, FJ Apparel is made for the golfer who demands premium modern performance materials accompanied with traditional styling.

    #1 Shoe in Golf

    #1 Glove in Golf

    #1 Sock in Golf

    #1 Outerwear in Golf


    Nancy Lopez, the most famous and recognizable woman in golf. Exploding onto the LPGA Tour in 1977, the women’s game has benefited immensely from Nancy’s superstar performance and personality. Today, Nancy Lopez is revered for the excellence of her performance inside the tournament ropes. At the same time, she is adored for her natural ability to reach out and touch the hearts of her fans in a real and effortless manner, The essence of Nancy Lopez, a world-class athlete, a dedicated wife, a mother of three daughters, a person with true heart and soul, makes her a rare and special woman. She has created an indelible mark in the history books, as well as in the hearts of those who follow her.  

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We carry a unique assortment of shorts, pants, t-shirts, polos, sweaters, rain gear, wind gear, hats, and more. Come in to browse our inventory and if you can’t find something you like we can special order anything from our vendors to suit your needs.