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    Since 1997, Ultralight clubs have been the industry standard for junior golf equipment. While other manufacturers offer a few sizes for a wide range of ages, U.S. Kids Golf offers nine sizes of Ultralight clubs and each set is made for players within a height range of just three inches.

    Young players can easily develop faster club head speeds because Ultralight clubs are 10 to 30 percent lighter than adult clubs. Shaft flexes are built for the specific club lengths, grips are made to fit in young players’ hands, and the colorful DV1 driver fits the eye. The result of all this engineering is a line of clubs that will encourage better swings, more fun, and a lifetime on the golf course.

  • Tour Edge HT MAX J

    HT Max-J junior sets and clubs for boys and girls offer high-flying technology that makes playing golf fun – and they’re backed with the Tour Edge Lifetime Warranty! The best value in junior golf, HT JMax sets are available in three configurations and include a lightweight stand bag:

    1. 2×1 set for 3-5 year olds includes 1 wood, 1 iron and a putter.
    2. 4×1 set for 5-8 or 9-12 year olds includes 1 wood, 1 hybrid, 2 irons and a putter.
    3. 5×2 set for 9-12 year olds includes 2 woods, 1 hybrid, 3 irons and a putter.
  • PING Thrive

    Included in the Thrive set are a 460cc, high-MOI driver, a high-lofted fairway wood, easy-to-hit hybrid, perimeter-weighted irons (6-PW, SW), and an Anser putter. Lightweight graphite shafts help generate clubhead speed and ball velocity for adding distance.

    In the driver, a low-back CG makes it easy to launch long drives that find the fairway. The fairway wood also has a deep CG to produce higher, straighter results. The hybrid 5-iron replacement promotes high trajectories, and the perimeter-weighted irons offer extreme forgiveness and accuracy.

    The Anser putter is the winningest model in history, offering heel-toe weighting for forgiveness and a sight line to help with aiming accuracy. A colorful, lightweight carry bag (a shorter version of the L8) makes walking 18 easy.

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