Sometimes the eye doesn’t give you an accurate estimate or layout of your golf course. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a hidden bunker after hitting what you thought was a nice drive. That’s why, at Illini Golf Headquarters, we provide Golf GPS options for our Central Illinois players.

What is a Golf GPS?

Just like a navigation system in your car, a Golf GPS can pinpoint your exact location and give you direction as far as the distance to certain fixed points on the golf course—including the green and various hazards and traps. Many golfers like having this aerial view of the course so as to better plan their drive.

Who Can Benefit from a Golf GPS System?

The Golf GPS is great for golfers of all levels. It helps you save strokes and time while you play. Because a Golf GPS provides accurate yardage of the course, it can help guide professionals who have control over their distance and who can use these facts to their advantage. It’s also perfect for the amateur golfer who is looking to improve their game since the course layout will be at their fingertips.

Improving Your Game

Not only will the Golf GPS help you get a better grasp of the course, but it can also track your game stats. Having the ability to measure and record the distance of your drives precisely is invaluable to the golfer who’s looking to sharpen his or her skills.

Our Brands
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Check out our favorite golf GPS brands below:

  • Bushnell
  • Callaway
  • Golf Buddy
  • Izzo
  • Sky Golf
Locate Your Golf GPS Today

If you want to improve your game, start right away by purchasing your Golf GPS system. Contact Illini Golf Headquarters online, call 309-685-4653, or come visit our store for more about the options we offer. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will give you outstanding service. And if you’re interested in the other golf items we offer our Central Illinois customers, please visit the following pages: